Fingerprint Compatibility 1.03


This app will check the compatibility (love, relationship, attraction) between two persons based on their fingerprints.

You can use it as a powerful seduction tool, or have fun with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband or friends.

To improve the user experience, you can personalized the result given by the application.

**How to use it: **
There must be two persons (at least two fingers). Each person put one finger one the space provided for this purpose. You have to press the screen together so that the application can calculate the compatibility and give a result.

**When to use it: **
Although you can use it any time you want, it is especially useful in parties, bars, nightclubs and other flirting times. It was initially design to help pick up sexy girls by providing a routine aimed at making the other person laugh.

** Disclaimer: **
This is app is still a beta, and improvements will come soon. (You may find that the fingerprint is similar several times).

No personal information collected.

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